Saturday, March 8, 2008

What I learned in school today

The UN - not content with turning power over Kosovo over to the Europeans, failing to police Sudan and the DR Congo, and finding any opportunity to bash the US - has made an important announcement. This year is officially ... the International Year of the Potato.

"And they don't mean Mr. Potato Head OR the Couch Potato."

There was apparently some talk of letting Dan Quayle be in charge of it, but someone nixed that idea....

So don't be a dud ... eat a spud!
*Joy singing*"Have you planted your potato today?"
"Potato huggers instead of tree huggers!"

Peru is apparently quite thrilled about this, as the country that domesticated the potato.
"Did it eat us before we ate it?"

You can find out more in this highly informative video. (Seriously, we know you women will just tune in to hear the educated British voice telling you all about it. C'mon, it's British!)

More seriously, the potato is the #4 starch in the world and a serious source of ending world hunger.
"And I love them, especially the funeral potatoes! and french fries! and hashbrowns! *lip smacking* twice-baked potatoes! mmmmm."
And spudnuts and potato bread (of all kinds) and mashed and chips...
"sour cream and chives!"
It's a great food, to be sure.

So welcome to the wonderful Year of the Potato.
"Plant. Eat. And be prosperous."

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