Sunday, March 30, 2008

Silly little dreams come true

Joy is always fascinated to learn what unusual dreams/goals her husband has, which he only seems to tell her about after they happen (albeit, not usually in the third person). Today was the fulfillment of another little dream.

When I first came to Ithaca 6 years ago, I wondered if I would manage to get married, or even have a child while I was here. One of the symbols of that blessed turn of events was the changing table in the men's bathroom at church. I wanted to change my little child on that changing table before I left Ithaca. Every once in a while, when I felt low about my dating chances, I would talk to that changing table. Yes, out loud. No, no one else was there. And then when we got married, I still thought about it -- maybe someday, we'll have a kid, and I'll be able to change their diaper on you.

Today I did. It was also his first time being changed in public.

Joy comments to our son, busily sucking on her finger, "You have such a fun daddy. He talks to changing tables. The question is, will he still talk to the changing table, now that the dream came true, or is he done?"

Well, today I spoke to Hyrum, rather than the changing table. I think mostly I speaking to Hyrum in the future, rather than the table itself. It's nice when silly little dreams come true

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themeese2 said...

Derrill, that is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing your "silly little dream." Hooray that you got what you dreamed of!