Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too many baby pictures?

Too many baby pictures? What's that mean?
It's like too much money, there's no such thing....

Joy is impressed at Derrill's ability to bond with Hyrum while still getting his work done. Hyrum happily napped in daddy's lap for over 2 hours.

This was Joy, just about to go into battle. Thirty minutes ago the doctor said Hyrum would need to be hand- delivered to her, and this is her go-to attitude. Within 2 minutes, they wheeled her out to produce another miracle.

I'm proposing a contest to come up with the best caption for this one. He was laying on Daddy at the time, who got a little camera-happy with the close-ups.

As a kid, Derrill's favorite toy was named Sheep. This is Sheep's younger brother, Lamb, come in to check up on the progeny.

Hyrum ponders deep thoughts:

What is the meaning of life?

How can free will coexist with the fore- knowledge of God?

Why does Dad need to take so many pictures? You'd think he'd never seen a baby before!

Word up, Yo. Welcome to my crib.

The end of a busy night. Time for some shut eye.


Jenny said...

Darrell take lots of pictures, your baby will only be this old once! And I'm sure Darrell has seen lots of babies too, just not his own! And Hyrum is super cute. Who wouldn't want to get him on camera?
-Jenny G.

Mary said...

Congratulations Watsons! We are so happy for you! He is such an adorable little guy! And we agree, no such thing as too many baby pictures. Keep them coming. We love to see them!

The Oscarsons

Sapphire Sting said...

Possible captions for the contest: The headless horseman needs a head, but this one's taken.
Keep your head in the game!
Come . . . come closer . . . A leedle too close!
Hyrum came out head first, as shown in this shot of the blessed event.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Adrienne said...

D, he's gorgeous! Since he's such an easy-going guy, you'd better get as much sleep as you can while he's still cooperating. How lucky Joy is that you're so excited about the baby; this way she can rest up and let her tummy heal while you're on diaper detail (wink wink). Glad everything went well. Though c-section is not generally ideal, everybody is safe and sound, which is the important thing. And boy was it worth it! You guys did great work on this little wonder!! :)

As for a quote for that picture... Give me back my teeth, you young whipper-snapper, and get off my lawn!

Congratulations, you three!
Adrienne (Fairbank) Clegg

Marcy said...

What a handsome boy & good looking family! Congratulations! And definitely--take LOTS of pictures!

Anonymous said...

There can never ever be too many baby pictures! :)

themeese2 said...

Here's my caption:

"Uuuse the forrce, Luuuke."

(He looks like a mini-Yoda in that shot!)