Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back by popular demand

So I had the chance to count last night, and I took almost 130 pictures of or with Hyrum in the hospital. Here are some more of his different faces and memories.
When Hyrum was coming out, the doctor told me to get my camera ready. The doc didn't seem to understand that we didn't want any pictures of bloody naked baby. "Most dads would be clicking away by now," he said, severing the umbilical cord. No, I had my orders, my preferences, and the angry looks of more than half a dozen wives whose husbands had taken pictures they were uncomfortable with. So this was the very first picture of Hyrum. I'm considering learning how to photoshop so I can stick an apple in his grip. Doesn't it look like he's biting down on something?

This is Hyrum in his first outfit, about to come home. Looks like he's already figured out what the true purpose of clothing is: teething toy.

Hey, is that ... pizza I smell? Let me have some!
(One of Joy's favorite shots)

This was the expression on Joy's face when she first got a good look at her baby and hold him. Can I get a big chorus of cyber- awwwwws?

Here he is laying on daddy again. He really does seem to have a preference for keeping his bottom lip tucked in.... But it sure is nice to get shots with the corners of his lips turned up slightly. Tiny hints of the smile to come.

The hospital rooms had nice borders around them that them feel very cozy and homey. This was ours.

Hyrum tries to sing along, but doesn't know the words yet. But he has nice, rounded vowels (mostly waaaa) and great volume!

Happy Mommy.

"Good night, New York!" mmmwa!

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Holbrook Girls said...

Love the pictures. He is so handsome. Congratulations!