Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Proud Parents

Time for some Momma/Dadda lovin'!

Joy wonders sometimes how he could have been inside her.

My Hyrum dances at the

Even if he still hasn't figured out how to breastfeed, he sure does love sucking on fingers. It quiets him something wonderful.

I always like any shot I get where Hyrum has the start of a smile on his face. Here's another one. (You may need to click on the picture to get it zoomed in to see it.)

Actually, fingers aren't the only things he's willing to chew on. Tonight he took a chunk out of my nose.

What was my nose doing there? Well ... dads do strange things when their babies yawn.


Ruth said...

Congrats Derrill, he's beautiful. Yes, daddy's do strange things with their babies about. Joe used to see if Hyrum would try to nurse on him. Did it once, and learned his lesson fast.

Heather S said...

Your baby is beautiful and I am so glad that you are enjoying him. Watch out to not let them suck to hard on nose or can leave a mark! (we found out the hard way:)) Congrats!