Friday, March 14, 2008

Baby Showers!

The first one was about January 3rd, I think. Derrill had just left Santa Barbara for his job market conference, and I was still there with his parents. Derrill's home ward was very generous in giving us a baby shower. It was so fun! So many people came.

It was at Sister Houston's house, the same place we had our open house when we got married. Everyone was so nice and came. It was a great time. And I want to thank them again for the wonderful party and their generosity. There were 30-40 people there, and everyone said they were surprised at how many people, that they had never seen so many attend.

Derrill says this is just proof of how much everyone loves me, and since he's typing this on my behalf, he gets to interrupt.

I was overwhelmed by all the love. Below are some pictures that I recently received from that baby shower. We played "When will the baby drop" where you put a teeny toy baby in an ice cube and have people guess when the baby will fall out of his ice cube, and "Baby hidden objects" where you put a whole bunch of things that a baby might need or play with on a tray and people have to remember them after they are hidden from view.

My other shower was Feb 23, here in Ithaca. My friend Shari wanted to do the baby shower for me, and many kind people in the branch wanted to help out with it.

(D: Actually, Shari begged for the privilege before we were even pregnant, and then the other women jumped in because they really wanted to help too. Joy is so loved!) Derrill has been bragging on me....

So this one was fun too! And many of my friends came to this party. There's a picture of the beautiful Baby Cake that Jen made. We played "chocolate poo in the diapers" where you melt a candy bar in a diaper and have everyone guess from inspection and smell what candy bar it used to be, and "Which Watson?" meaning people guessed whether Derrill or Joy did ___________. People got to guess what Derrill and I were up to when we were kids. (D: We had enjoyed preparing that when Joy threw Shari's baby shower, so I was pretty excited to do that for ours.)

My favorite foods at both showers were quiche. There were baby quiches at the first shower (D: Made with real baby! Accept no substitutes.) and *smack Derrill playfully* a large, homemade quiche at the second one.

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Corinne said...

Hi Joy,

I was just curious about how you where doing and decided to peek at your blog again.

I am so so so happy for you!

I love the name you gave him.

He sure is precious.

Love ya,