Sunday, March 2, 2008


So, it's a little too early yet to post the cute things Hyrum says ... since he hasn't been BORN yet and doesn't talk. But he does communicate ... with his elbow or maybe his feet. or knee. who knows? So here are some things that get Hyrum bopping:

Thomas Spencer Monson -- whenever Hyrum hears him speak, he gets very excited. That's where his middle name comes from: Hyrum Spencer.

Orange juice and chocolate (preferably not together). Especially if Joy has a whole bowl of chocolate ice cream. It's cold AND it's sugary.

Hunger -- "Sometimes when I haven't eaten in a while, he'll start moving around more than usual, like he's asking for some food."

Daddy jiggles -- If I come knocking around the bellybutton area or jiggling the tummy to wake him up, he responds quite readily and starts punching me out again.

Time's up -- He's started tapping on Joy's pelvis again, so we think he knows which way is out and is thinking about it. "He's been in to that for most of the pregnancy, since I could feel him move."

He's spent most of the pregnancy on Joy's left side, but recently she reports it feels like he's everywhere. While we were in California, though, he switched over to the right side one Sunday. When we went miniature golfing the next day, Joy was completely off-balance and we figured that was why. "I was tripping. I couldn't hit the ball straight. I'd lose my balance going downhill."

"One thing I would like Hyrum to know someday is how it makes me chuckle and smile whenever he bounces around. I'll just chuckle out of nowhere, and Derrill knows the baby's moved."

Countdown: one week to go for the due date and no one is wrong yet in our poll because NO ONE thought he would already have come. Good for you!


Melanie H. said...

I didn't participate in the poll, but my guess would have been probably about March 20th. Just because most of my students' babies come 10-12 days late. (grin)

There was a study done that said that the average pregnancy lasts 41.1 weeks. (I think that's the number, I am getting rusty) That means an AVERAGE, not that the most people deliver then, so many people go late and many people go's so hard to tell!

With my last, I was 16 days late and I was dilated to a 5 and 90% effaced for 3 weeks...go figure!

Tami said...

Of course I remember you guys! So fun to read about your impending arrival of Hyrum. Congratulations in advance :) I'm going to guess March 9. And 8 lbs.

Josh also says Hi.