Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The polls are closed

Well, we've finally heard from all our first round job interviews, and the survey says .... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

All of you who voted for somewhere else are still in the running because we have no job yet and everyone else has said no. So the field is wide open and ready to harvest. We're still thrusting in the sickle with all our might, and still hope for a harvest. At the rate we're going, we'll have doubled the number of applications within 2 weeks.

I have been growing a protest beard (now a true Ithacan. eek) for the last two weeks. The first beard that I'm growing for me instead of for Joy in our marriage. But she doesn't mind. "Nope. She doesn't mind," she says.

The election was rigged! We demand a recount! There will be rioting in ... the chin? until our demands are met. Actually, there have been some pretty good riots in my stomach for a couple weeks, and I've learned that a sports medicine doc may not be the best choice for a stomach complaint, but that's who they handed me this time.


Sapphire Sting said...

I have to ask - is the vehemence of your expression candid or posed?

Derrill said...

A little of both. I posed that way naturally and Joy declared I needed a picture of it, so I posed again. The vehemence ... probably more imaginary.