Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Good Old Days

I was creating a LinkedIn account for myself and was trying to remember the name of a service program I had helped coordinate while I was at BYU. I found the Unifarce (sorry, old habits die hard - Universe) article that discussed my involvement in the program. Since it took a while to find, I'm just going to put a bookmark here for myself so I can find it again easily: Adopt-a-Grandparent. So there you go, future-Derrill. You're welcome.

I recall those visits to the rest home very fondly. They led Joy and me to talk to our local government program for the elderly. They put is in contact with a dear lady, Cora Wood, for whom we gathered food from the various food pantries in town once a week. She crocheted Hyrum a lovely blanket and gave him a bear with a matching outfit she made. We had to stop when Hyrum was born and lost contact with her after. If someone in Ithaca happens to run into her or knows her, please let us know. We'd love to be able to say hi again.

When's the last time you contacted your grandparents?

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