Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hyrum Talked To Strangers.... Hooray!

One of the exciting new developments in Hyrum's talking is who he is trying to talk to. In the past attention getting devices for Hyrum have been mostly non-verbal beyond people that he knows well. He loves attention, but seeks it though smiles, flirtations, running into people and taking their toys. But this weekend, yesterday, we went to the aforementioned primary activity and Hyrum was the only child that was to be babysat and they suggested we bring a video he likes to watch. We brought Disney's Fantasia 2000, and on the way into the building Hyrum insisted on caring it, as only a toddler can.

So, Hyrum holding daddy's on one side, video with the other hand rushes into the building. As we pass people or as they passed (people that he hasn't known before), Hyrum excitedly called out to them, looking at them, jabbering about his video to get their attention. He was really communicating with people. Mommy and Daddy were so proud of their little extrovert.

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