Sunday, March 21, 2010

Valentines Day - belated: A Joy post

[After a serious brainstorming session with her calendar, Joy remembers why we never blogged about Valentines Day: we celebrated the day before (13th), only to be interrupted by the CO leak.]

So for the first time we weren't sick, but it was a crazy weekend. I made breakfast. I think I gave it to you in bed. I think so. Then we got ready and went to the temple with Hyrum. I did some initiatories and found that Derrill and Hyrum were outside - someone had made them feel that Hyrum wasn't welcome in the lobby. But the temple presidency made us feel like we were welcome two weeks later when we brought him. I had felt the Spirit really strong when I did those three names and then sent Derrill in to do initiatories.

And then we [I dunno, Joy, I think we went to Sam's Club first.] So my memory's not 20-20. We went straight home from the temple. So the rest of the trip I got to smell my really yummy smelling flowers that Derrill got for me at Sam's Club. They were tulips. I took pictures of them at various stages of growth. They are the best smelling flowers Derrill has ever gotten for me. They would fill the hall with flower scent when we got them home.

Later when we got home, Derrill made yummy food. I'm sure it had shrimpies in it, if I remember correctly it had really yummy garlic buttery sauce and noodles.

Then that night I thought I was in charge of what we were doing for the date and I was going to surprise him, but he had already seen the game I bought. [She left it open, out of its wrapping, and visible.] Because at Christmas I got a gift card and I got the Wii game Marioparty 8 (thank you, Grammy!). And it was really fun.

But Derrill had also gotten me a movie for Valentines - Pride and Prejudice. We like Pride and Prejudice. We might have watched some of it Sunday, but Derrill being the gentleman that he is, he let me choose to play my game. Did you like it? [Yes, I did.] I'm glad I got it. I like it.

Then around 9? o'clock at night was when the CO alarm went off. I remember we got Hyrum up from being asleep and you called 9-11 and the whole thing took about an hour. We got back in the house around 10. I think we'd already stopped playing the game because we were going to put away our groceries - when it's freezing outside, it doesn't matter if your groceries stay in your car a little longer. [Well, we HAD been baking bread to set off the alarm, so clearly we had stopped the game.] Yeah, cause it was the oven that set off the alarm. So the Fire Department came over for the first time in my life. It was pretty exciting. Hyrum and I listened to music in the car while Derrill took care of the firemen.

And I would like to issue a warning to anyone whose CO detector goes off: Do not open your doors or windows to air out your apartment if you're going to call 9-1-1. They can't get a correct reading for you when they come over if you do that. Even though everything online says you should do that.

So after the FD left, we ended the night by putting away groceries and meat in freezers. It was a long night. I think we got to bed by 1am, somewhere around there. [It takes a while to properly bag Sam's Club meat.]

And the next day we taught our last temple prep class and went to the young married fireside. It was a busy weekend! Until the CO leak happened, we had a pretty good Valentines I think. It had been a pleasant day together.

And I loved my flowers.

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