Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hyrum's food

Boy, I tell you, when that boy changes his food preferences, he changes his food preferences!

We started keeping track of everything he ate a couple months ago so we could try to fine tune our attempts at getting a greater variety into him. (Joy chortle-snorts). For a solid month, he ate largely yogurt and milk. Then he had strep (he's all healthy now). Now all of a sudden all he wants are peaches and apple juice.

I mean, one week he ate yogurt 12 times, chocolate 5, and nothing more than 3 times in a week and drank 16 cups of milk; this week he had peaches 20 times (3 meals a day, almost 7 days a week!), peanut butter 4, and nothing else more than 3 times with 15 cups of apple juice and 10 cups of milk.

The doc tells us that somehow this is sufficient nutrition for a 2 year old, but how is it possible to get the micronutrients a person needs from only dairy products or only fruit??

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