Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another Title Bragging About Hyrum

This morning I introduced a new game to Hyrum. I've often tickled him because he is extremely ticklish. But we've been practicing with saying "yes" (and to a lesser extent "no") so I tickled him and said, "Tickle yes?" He was laughing too hard to respond. I would pause and say, "Tickle no." Then Hyrum would catch his breath and sick "Ticko." And I tickle him, pause, and say "Tickle no." "Ticko!" We played at that for several minutes.

Then tonight before bed, I laid down on the floor and told Hyrum, "Tickle Daddy." He seemed intrigued at the concept, but was hesitant. He no doubt expected me to grab him. I repeated the invitation, "Tickle Daddy." Hyrum came up shyly hands in front of him, reached down, and briefly touched my arm, then ran away. I laughed heartily and invited him again, "Tickle Daddy." He came back for more this time. He brushed his hands over my arm and a little on my chest and said, "tickotickoticko" then backed away. It was hilarious! We did that several times.

For bed, I've been trying to get Hyrum to say his own prayer. I prompt him to start and then wait for him to come out with "Dear Father Heaven." But then he's been stuck and if I stay silent, he turns straight to "name Jesus Chris' Amen." So I prompt him a little more. We thank thee..... and I wait. Before, he hasn't come up with anything. Tonight he did.

We thank Thee....

"Egg" - The Egg from 1776


"Yours" - Another song from 1776


"Bonnie Jean!" - from Brigadoon

and..... - what else will he come up with?


Okay, so he's really thankful for music tonight. We taught a sweet little girl in Nursery once upon a time who always prayed that she was thankful for "num nums." I have a feeling we'll be thanking the Lord for music for many moons to come. But that says I've been doing my job, because I've been teaching him to be thankful for music, for food, for people, and for fun things he's done that day. At least one has soaked through.

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