Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spelling attempts

Hyrum likes trying to spell out whatever is on the t-shirt I wore to bed the night before when I come get him in the morning. This week has been full of nostalgia for my undergrad institution.

"BYU 81st Ward" - It took him a while to figure out that d was not o, but he remembered it the next time I wore the shirt and got every letter correct yesterday morning.

"BYU Economics Club" - He got BYU and he got Club this morning. Spelling economics for the first time was cute. "E-CD-O-O-one-CD-S." There's a world of information about him in that spelling. There are times I'm glad to be an ecdoo1st. I believe that's pronounced ec-DOO-first, not to be confused with ec-DOO-fus.

Maybe I should wear the BYU Swing Kids t-shirt tonight and see what he makes of that. "Living the 8-count lifestyle."

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