Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cuter Every Day

Hello. My name is Hyrum and I am Cuter Every Day (Trademark).

Daddy has been reading me stories from the Old Testament recently. The Church videos for the Old Testament have some really bad, scary music. I don't like them very much. But there's one story and video I love and ask for every day: the Temple! Daddy's starting to have me help tell the story. God told King Solomon to "build temple." The people made it out of "stone" and "wood." The walls and floors were "gold" and there was a "gold altar" in the temple. There was a "pool" of "water" on the backs of 12 "oxen." When the temple was all done, King Solomon put "bowls" in it. The "ark" was in the temple. The priests "sang songs" and thanked "God." The music for the video is nice, too. The only two videos with good music talk about the tabernacle (How Beautiful Thy Temples Lord) and the temple (The Lord is My Shepherd). I hope someday the Church redoes the Old Testament video like they redid the Book of Mormon video and that they improve the music.

Yesterday I was fiddling around with Mommy's purse. All of a sudden, I pulled out a pen. I waved the pen around and shouted, "I found a pen!" Mommy and Daddy were so proud of me: it was the first time I said the word "I" with any verb other than "I want;" the first time I said the word "found" which Mommy and Daddy hadn't been teaching me; the first time I used an ... in-def-in-ite article; and a brand new sentence I invented all by myself.

Today Mommy and Daddy woke up hearing me call out from my crib, "No! No! No! No! No! No!" Daddy got up and made a short pit stop before getting me. I could hear footsteps, but wasn't sure whose. I called out, "Mommy! Watch Bob Builder! Daddy! Watch Bob Builder! Mommy Daddy, I want watch Bob Builder p'ease!" Mommy laughed to think I was calling that out into the stillness first thing in the morning.

Daddy and I played ABC's today. For my birthday I got this fun toy that sings to me whenever I put a letter in it. "B says buh, B says buh. Every letter makes a sound, B says buh." We played with them for a while, then Daddy asked me to help clean up. He told me to "Find A" and I handed him an A. I got through almost all the alphabet that way without any help. I can also point to letters and say most of their names. W is really hard.

Daddy was just working on his scriptures while I played quietly. I needed his help, so I called out, "He'p!" He came over and saw that I had pulled out all the cans of peaches and pears and lined them up from the hall to the fridge. He asked what help I wanted, so I said, "He'p peaches" and reached under the table to try to find more peaches to line up. He told me I had all the peaches in the house already. That was sad.

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