Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Favorite Game

Hi there. Hy here. I just wanted to tell you about my two favorite games this week. I got both of them for my birthday.

Pop and Boo got me a puzzle with the numbers 1-20 in great big wooden pieces. I love taking the numbers out of the puzzle and arranging them around the edge of the dining room table. Then I run around pointing and exclaiming over them. I tell anyone who comes by what the numbers are. Eventually, Mommy or Daddy ask me to put the numbers away so we can eat and I put them all back in the puzzle.

I can count to 10 all by myself, but not always.

My other favorite game I got from Mommy and Daddy: the Bob the Builder Matching game. There are just a bunch of cards with pictures of Bob and his friends, and I match them. Then I ask Mommy or Daddy for another baggy full of cards and they have me put all my cards back in their bag before they open a new one. Sometimes I dump out the cards, look at them really quick and I'm done. Sometimes I go through and match them all - usually if Mommy or Daddy is paying attention.

I've also decided that shoes are for more than throwing into Mom and Dad's room. Shoes are fun to wear when they're too big for me. I'm trying to learn how to walk around in Mommy's and Daddy's shoes, or anyone else's who comes by. If you come visit, maybe I'll walk in your shoes! Won't that be fun?

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