Sunday, April 11, 2010

Would you like to have a Hymnal Now?

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My sweet son, who I had branded as only taking away toys seems to be learning to give toys too. I was feeling a little emotional today at church and had been crying. The Nelson baby came crawling under the pew we were sitting on and I picked her up. She really made my day with her open eyed interest and smiles. Hyrum was interested in her too. He reached out to her and she reached for his Hymnal. He pulled it away, but didn't try to get away from her like he usually does when someone reaches for a toy. He thought for a long while and after her attention was already somewhere else, Hyrum reached the book out to her, as though he had decided it would be ok for her to have it. Since she was no longer paying attention and he wasn't making any sound to get her attention there was no response on her part. Derrill told Hyrum it was ok, that he could keep the book. He was smiling and I was warmed in my heart to see him making that little decision to share.

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