Friday, April 30, 2010

Hyrum's First Major Purchase

Hi there. Hy here.

Mommy knows her stuff. She knows to let me be in charge. It's kind of inevitable anyway. Life is easier the earlier my parents recognize that fact.

And the fact is, I'm getting to be a big boy. I squoze my body through a gap in my crib and all of me fell out ... except my huge cranium. Mommy says I have to say here that I'm also the one who created the gap by breaking one of the support bars. I stood on the ground for I'm not sure how long with my head stuck in the bars until my nap was over and Mommy came to get me.

Mommy decided it was time for me to get a big boy bed. She did some looking online. She and Daddy talked about it. They had different ideas about what kind of bed to get for me. They hadn't made any decisions except to 1) rotate my bed so I couldn't get out that way again and 2) to have Daddy try to install some new protective measures. He and I went to the store to get some lumber. I had fun with Daddy.

Mommy had other ideas, though. She says it wasn't her plan to buy me a bed today. Little does she know of my telepathic powers. She went to some garage sales looking for a bed, then figured she might as well try the Salvation Army, and that just naturally led her to WalMart since it's right next door physically and financially.

We went to the big boy bed section. I saw a box. I ran to it and hugged it. I wanted to make sure Mommy knew what bed I wanted. "Buzz bed! Buzz bed!" She tried to get me to look at other boxes too. Cars ... Mickey ... "Box! Buzz box!" I wasn't happy unless the box was in our cart.

I won out. My first major purchase. I even convinced Mommy to get me a toy organizer that has a Buzz box too. Score! Thank you, Grammy, for the money.

Daddy came home and found that Mommy and I were fit to be tied. I had gotten out my screwdriver from my toolbox to help assemble my new bed. I hit it against the pieces and moved them around and climbed all over everything, screaming and laughing. Mommy wasn't very good at this, so she needed all my help.

Daddy didn't seem to think so. He took me away to play with my Bob stickers for a while. Then Mommy called out that she was all done.

Sleep Buzz bed! I'm sleeping in my Buzz bed right now! I have the cutest smile on my face you ever did see. I got to reward my parents when they do what's right, after all. And I have to report, it seems that both Mommy and Daddy are happy with my choice.

And I crawled right into my bed and I laid down (I've always been good about that) and I've stayed there until I fell asleep. Daddy and Mommy are so proud.

Buzz bed! Buzz bed! To Dreamland and beyond!


Shari said...

I can tell that Hyrum LOVES his Buzz-bed. He seemed pleased when I talked to him about it today while he was here at our house. Kate and James are VERY excited for him too. Congratulations, Hyrum!! What a big boy you are.

Wow, I'm so grateful Hyrum was safe after he went through the gap in his crib!!! My brother almost strangled doing that in a crib--of course, it was one of those ancient cribs where the bars are too far apart. This was at my grandparents house. His tiny bum and body just went right through, but his head was stuck. He wasn't tall enough yet to stand on the ground. My mom had a feeling she should go check on him, and when she got to him his face was turning blue. NOBODY in the family used grandma's crib after that. She couldn't figure out why, and (if you can believe it) she still has it upstairs in the guest room!

Shari said...

Coincidently, my brother popped out a bar in his own crib when he was a baby. He was playing in his crib and he put his feet against a bar and pushed. My parent's fastened a yardstick in its place and faced that side towards the wall. Silly boys. How did Hyrum break his??