Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comparing Missions

D: I kept on writing home about these "golden investigators" we found on my mission, but then it came to nothing. I pretty much thought anyone who would talk to us was golden.

J: That's just a sign that your mission was hard.

D: It is?

J: Yes. People were friendly in our area, so friendly they had a really hard time telling you no. So they wouldn't show up for their appointments or show up 20 minutes late or send their kids up front to say "My Dad says he isn't home."

D: Oh, they did that in Germany too.

J: Really? I never heard of that anywhere outside of South America.

D: Oh yeah. It happened back home too, on my cul-de-sac selling Boy Scout stuff....

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Sapphire Sting said...

Much as Latin America has a reputation for golden wheat springing up everywhere, most of the people who I would have described as "golden" from their initial reception turned out to either be less than mentally sound or overly flirtatious.