Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bizarro-World Hyrum

I read this post from a friend and could not imagine a better opposite to describe Hyrum. So here is an edited version of a day in the life of Muryh [Murray], Hyrum's not-particularly-evil-in-fact-it-might-be-kinda-nice twin.

[Murray] is pretty passionate about eating. He takes the whole act quite seriously, and heaven forbid anything keep him from his food! Preparing meals is torturous for that little boy. He can smell the food cooking, and he wonders why it's not already in his mouth. He'll pace the kitchen, back and forth, continually asking to eat, and occasionally giving a quick screech to let us know his dissatisfaction at having to wait. Most of the time, I'll take pity on him and hand him a pretzel to munch on. I know how painful an empty stomach feels when you smell good food cooking.
Meal prayers have also been an interesting affair ever since [Murray] started solids. We'll be sitting around the table, all the food set before us, sometimes steamy, almost always delicious, and ready to eat. Never before that moment has the food been so close to consuming, and suddenly he just can't stand it any longer. ... It's only recently that he's started folding his little arms, and it's only recently that he's beginning to show a little patience through the prayer, if only because he's curious about what the heck the rest of us our doing when we should be feeding his face instead.
So now that you're aware of all this, it should come as no surprise that learning to communicate his need for food would be top on his list of priorities....
What would it be like, to have a child who actually wanted to eat and who told us he wanted to eat? Somehow, I can't imagine it.

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