Friday, April 23, 2010

Hyrum vs. Mickey

Hyrum's love for Mickey Mouse grows with every encounter. He loved Mickey in Sorcerer's Apprentice and learned to ask for "Mickey Song," but Donald and "Duck Song" was still preferred. He loved his little Sorcerer Mickey doll for his birthday and the Mickey birthday cartoon on Youtube. Just before we left for Connecticut to spend some time with my brother and his wife, he discovered the Mickey Mouse Club March song in a Disney songbook we have. "Mickey Song" mean's Sorcerer's Apprentice and "Mickey March" is the TV theme. It's been another excuse for him to parade around the room, circling a chair ... or Mommy!

As soon as we arrived in CT, he discovered that Aunt Em is a Disney fan. She has Mickey and Minnie action figures, a Disney autograph book with Mickey on the cover, Disney Dance Dance Revolution, and Disney Scene It - all featuring Mickey. He will happily spend quite some time enthralled looking at a box with Mickey on it. Donald is still just "Duck" but Mickey is "Mickey." He carries them around with him, he sleeps with them, he is eager to play with any of it as soon as he gets back in the main room.

Will Mickey replace Bob and Buzz? Emie doubts it. Only time will tell.

Hyrum's happiest smile today, though, was when Uncle Steve and Daddy sang from 1776 for him just before bed. Mommy smiled pretty nicely too.

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