Sunday, April 18, 2010

Conversations with a Toddler

Something similar to the following conversation has happened two or three times now in the Watson home. It's getting to be a regular game!

H: I want Tarantara, please.
D: Hyrum, it's Daddy's turn. After my song is over, you can listen to Tarantara.
H: Daddy's tu'n over; Hyrum's tu'n.

He says this with such regal finality, it's hilarious. This is the The Most Important Thing that could be said. And his diction is the best it ever is for that phrase. Then it gets more complicated.

D: It's Mommy turn. After Mommy's turn, it's Daddy's turn. Then it will be Hyrum's turn.
H: Hyrum tu'n.
D: No, it's Mommy's turn.
H: Mommy tu'n over; Hyrum's tu'n.
D: No, Mommy's turn over, Daddy's turn. Daddy's turn over, Hyrum's turn.
H: Mommy's turn over, Hyrum's tu'n.
D: (repeat until Daddy's turn for music has already started)
H: Daddy's turn over, Hyrum's turn.
D: Yes, Daddy's turn over, Hyrum's turn. Hyrum's turn over, Mommy's turn.
H: Hyrum's turn over ... Hyrum's turn! Hyrum's turn over, Mommy's turn.

He did once get three turns together correctly, but then he started haggling again. Joy says, "It feels really similar to a lot of life. 'I know that this puzzle piece goes here. But will it also go here? or here? or here?'"

We had another conversation with him yseterday. He was tired of being at the temple because Daddy is doing a better job not letting him disturb the other patrons. (speaking of which, it was really interesting to see how differently he moved when I told him, "no run. Hyrum walk." It was a different kind of deliberate, slow walk that I have never seen in that boy!) Anyway, he got bored and said, "Go home. Go home." So I took him out to the car, but we were not even down the temple steps yet before he said, "Temple again. Temple again."


themeese2 said...

Toddlers in the temple??? Please explain!

D. Watson said...

There is a waiting lobby in the Palmyra temple before you get to the recommend desk.