Thursday, April 1, 2010

Drinking or Knocking: A Joy Post

Today at lunch Hyrum and Mommy had this conversation. Hyrum said, “Debbi knock, … knock door,”
Mommy says, “ that’s right Debbi is coming today.”

Hyrum says, “daddy knock,”
Mommy said “Daddy will knock on the door if it is lock when he gets home from work.”

Mommy knocked on the table and said, “Mommy knock”,
Hyrum said. “peaches knock”,
Mommy said, “no peaches don’t knock”.
Hyrum said, “milk knock”.
Mommy said, “No milk doesn’t knock…..”
Hyrum said, “Drink milk,”
Mommy said, “Yes, drink milk.”
Hyrum said, “drink door,”.
Mommy said, “No, doors don’t drink”
Then with great personal satisfaction he exclaimed, “Drink JUICE!”

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