Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hyrum Sings

We discovered something fascinating this weekend, all thanks to Hyrum's refrain "No sing." Ever since Hyrum could babble, one of his favorite babble-phrases was "digga digga digga." He'll wander around for minutes at a time saying "digga digga digga." This weekend, when Joy and I start saying "digga digga digga" with him, he turns to us annoyed and says, "No sing."

Could it be??

Today I tested it out and asked Hyrum if he wanted to sing. He said, "Digga digga digga." I said "digga digga digga" and he said "No sing." I asked "Is digga digga digga singing? Yes or no?" He said, "Yes."

Hyrum has been "singing" for more than a year!

He also tried a more traditional singing into a toy microphone we got him. I invited him to sing and he said "a" in an a-tonal way. He's thinking about it.

He also says the words along with a few of his favorite songs even when we don't give him a blank to fill in. Today he was missing listening to Tarantara, so wandered around saying "We go, we go, we go, we go, we go, we go..." punctuated by the occasional "tantara."

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Grandma Jule said...

Ya gotta "Digga" it!