Sunday, January 17, 2010

Something of note

Hyrum's drawing skills recently improved a lot. Previously when he said, "D'aw" he wanted to scribble relatively aimlessly over any piece of paper with writing or a picture already on it. This week, he decided there are two shapes he wants to draw:

"Notes." He wants to draw musical notes (right). He first asks Mom or Da to draw some notes for him, which he then scribbles over before applying himself to drawing tight circles. Every few notes, he looks up at us and says, "Notes."

"Car." Cars are big ovals with a few smaller circles around them. Mom tries to draw him 2-D practice cars, and they were pretty impressed with Da's feeble attempts to sketch 3-D cars.

Drawing keeps Hyrum happily, reverently occupied for most of sacrament meeting. Mostly he draws on our church program, on earlier drafts of my dissertation, or in this pretty Disney Princess notepad I/Santa got him for a dollar for Christmas.

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Grandma Jule said...

Did I pick the right thing to put on his Christmas stocking, or what?

Thanks, Emie, for the GREAT IDEA!!!!!