Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coming Soon to a Chapel Near You

if you live in Ithaca, anyway.

"So, if this is a surprise to you, don't worry: it was a surprise to us too. We only started discussing it yesterday and decided today."

I was trying to avoid thinking about it for several weeks, but the Spirit kept bugging me. So last night I prayed in our family prayer - the first Joy heard of it - to know if it was time for us to head over to the Ithaca Ward. Joy was surprised and excited, and dared not hope that it might be so.

"I have nothing against the branch. But I've had some family wards I've really enjoyed and have been in branches or singles wards for ... more than a decade."

Nursery is the big reason. It's been different for Hyrum in the ward nursery in a very good way. I noticed and was impressed every time I came to pick him after or check his diaper during. Their nursery has been good for him. ... It's what he needs.

So we talked to Pres. Horrocks to ask his advice. It turns out, the Spirit has been ... "nudging him also in the same direction." He was trying to avoid thinking about it also. But when I came in to counsel with him, it seemed pretty clear what we need to do.

We're not sure just how long the transition over will be - I have some things I need to do before I can move over calling-wise, but Joy and Hyrum will start attending the ward regularly now.

"I told Derrill that I think it's what I need right now - after we made the decision. I didn't want to say it before we made the decision in case he didn't feel like it was right to. But when Derrill suggested it to me, I just immediately felt like that was the right thing to do. But I cried because I thought maybe I was being selfish. Derrill then told me that he thought that part of the reason was for what I need too - to have so many sisters older than I who have already travailed and succeeded in the noble cause for which we are trying to succeed in our family."

So that's what's new. "And we're excited and we're nervous" and we feel the hand of God nudging us this direction.

"And if there's anyone in the branch that's reading this, we want you to know it's a hard choice because we'll miss you." Yes.


eshmurv said...

We welcome you over, derrill's comments are always insightful. I know Matthew is going to love playing ball with Hyrum.

Waltman said...

I'm sad you guys are leaving. We will definitley miss you. I totally understand though, you have been in the branch for awhile. Good luck with the transition.

Grandma Jule said...

Perhaps the time has come to share another one of those "small plates" experiences with you - - - one that I had a few days after Hyrum was born. Watch for it in an inbox near you . . . .

Nate said...

Wow! I never thought I would hear this. Who will take care of hermano Lindsay now?