Monday, January 18, 2010

Sacrament by bloggers

Joy and I have been asked to speak in both our out-going and in-coming church units in back-to-back weeks, and they've nicely agreed to let us talk about the same subject each week: "Choose ye this day."

For fun, I thought I'd see if I can harness the awesome power of Web 2.0 here: what comes to your mind with that topic? What have you always wanted to say about it? What would make you roll your eyes and mutter, "here we go again" if it was said? We already have ideas of our own, but this could be fun.


Grandma Jule said...

Pop (the choir director) says: "I'd sing the Janice Kapp Perry Duet of the same title."

I thought that was such an INSPIRED idea, I couldn't go to bed until I had logged on and told you!

Grandma Jule said...

Dad has another thought for you:

"Scripturally, the Joshua passage is used to support the notion of religous tolerance and separation of church and state (see Alma 30:8). But, notice that when you take the whole passge of Joshua -- Yes, he acknowledges their agency, but he makes it absolutely plain, not only what the choice is that he and his descendants will make, but also what choice they, as a people, should make. Indeed, if you look at his closing sermon, this great passage on agency is also a wonderful demonstration on accountability."

Grandma Jule said...

Now for a few comments from the peanut gallery . . . .

One of the great themes of my life and many of the talks and lessons I have given, whether directly or indirectly, seems to be "Do It Now." I see "Choose you THIS DAY." Don't wallow in past mistakes, or stand on past laurels; don't live for tomorrow, or put off repentance. NOW is the time to make your choice; NOW is the day to DO, to BE, to ACT. In the words of a favorite song of mine, "There is no tomorrow, but only today!"

SO, that's the other side of the coin. On the one side (the head) you have agency and choice; on the other side, you have the wings of time. They are inseparably connected.

DO let us know how it comes out!!