Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hyrum fills in the blank (a Joy post)

Hyrum has been enjoying almost daily the books the aunt Emilee and Uncle Steve gave him for Christmas (left). He really loves the 2 books that have numbers under each flap and identifies them correctly. When we turn a page I have to hold the flap down to have time to read the page (only about five words long) then he opens the flap and says the number while he smiles and turns the page quickly agian. After the book is over (numbers 1-5) he asks for it again immediately. The time we usually read them is around nap time.

Another favorite book lately and highly requested is called I Like Me. Fill in the blanks for this book are like so (what Hyrum says in parentheses): I like ______ (me). I have a best friend. That friend is __ (me). I draw beautiful (pic)tures with (me). When I fall (down). I pick myself (up). I ride (fast). I try, and try a(gain).

Is your Mama (friend) a Llama? He like to say (bat), (cow) and (moo) and oh for me when the llama does before I even say it.

Scriptures are starting to be fun to read together. When we read And it came to (pass). Hyrum says the pass. That is the only one he really predicts, but he is starting to echo words we say that he recognizes while we read the scriptures (God) (faith) (church) (I) Ne(phi), (Alma) (night) (light)

Hyrum also fills in the blank for songs that we sing to him. It is really fun. He says (night) for Silent Night and (day) when a phrase ends with day. He also will help sing Old McDonald saying (farm) and Oh for the end of Ei Ei (oh). A song that daddy sings with him is I feel my Savior's Love as follows: I feel my saviors love in all the world around (me), his spirit warms my (soul) through everything I (see). He (know)s I will follow (Him) give all my love to Him. I feel my Savior's love, the love He freely gives (me). Daddy also sings a song about the beauty's of the world God has made, which Hyrum fills in with words like (blue), (wings), (eyes), and (see), and of course the ever-present (me).

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