Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hyrum got sacqued. And he's lovin' it.

For a little over a year, Joy has been crocheting this sacque for him to sleep in at night. As an infant, he needed to be tightly bundled to fall asleep, and his little sacques were a great help in that regard. He outgrew them or busted the zippers pretty quickly.

So Joy crocheted this ginormous sacque that will hold him for a good long while, keep him warm, provide a little comforting weight so he sleeps better. He really enjoys it - smiles really big as I drop him in the top at night.

"I'm so glad he can use it now. It still needs buttons" on the top so it will close. "Hopefully it'll get buttons before he's done using it. Thanks for all your help, Mom. And Derrill's help, helping me adjust the pattern when Mom wasn't around."

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Grandma Jule said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Joy!!! It looks fabulously comfortable!!!!