Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hyrum vs. Snow

I shoveled out our measly 18" of snow yesterday and had fun with my accompanying little one. He started plunging into the snow, but only made it one step before slipping and calling out for "he'p". I rescued him twice, and then he gave up and just followed in the area I had shoveled.

I asked him where our car was. He seems a little confused. After this he tried to help me uncover the car by brushing off the snow.

Joy has mentioned that he likes having snow dumped on him, though I didn't find that near so much. He did enjoy it the one time I plopped an entire shovelful on his hooded noggin.

Once the necessary paths were made, we played a little. I tromped out into the yard and asked him to come to me. He was apprehensive, but started in. After each step, he looked up at me and kind of whined that this was hard and he couldn't do it and needed help. The snow was up to his waist, for pity's sake! But I know my Hy. I called to him and encouraged him step by step until he was at my side. I was very proud of him.

Then we went up to the mound of snow I had piled up on one side of our parking spots and took some pictures of us having fun, including the first time Hyrum was buried in the snow (left). He enjoyed it and stayed dry.


Grandma Jule said...

So, when are you and Hy going to build a snowman? And, the truly GREAT question of the decade: will it be a "typical" snowman, or a "Calvin and Hobbes Monstrosity?"

D. Watson said...

Joy and Hy did that a few weeks ago and we just haven't gotten it up yet. It was pretty cute.