Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hyrum's New Hobbies

Hi there. Hy here.

Since coming back from Christmas, I've discovered some of the finer things in life. One of them is eating play-dough. Note, it's not Playdo, but play-dough. It's the first floured product I eat. It used to come out of a little cylinder, but now it comes out of the fridge. I'm not sure why that changed. I just started eating it, and now it comes out of the fridge. Mom makes it. Mom used to say no, and now she asks me if I want it for lunch!

I really like making hearts out of it. I have a heart cookie cutter that I use to make hearts. Or Mom makes me a Buzz or a car out of it, and then I eat Buzz's head or the front of the car or the pieces from around the heart. Sometimes I just put the whole thing in my mouth and cough it out again. Then Mom mixes it up again and we make more hearts.

I also discovered dancing. Mom got a VeggieTales DDR game. She used to only do it when I was sleeping, but I caught her one day. Now I dance on it too. Here you can see two videos of me dancing with my mom. We need to learn how to share better. No toddlers were harmed in the making of these videos.

Mom and Dad took videos of me having fun and I ask to watch them over and over again. I have Grandma Boo to thank for getting Mom the VeggieTales. She thought it would be a way for Mom to exercise while I was distracted by Bob or something else. But how could I resist?? Grandma Boo also taught Mom how to make the playdough. Thanks, Gamma Boo!

#1 on the Hy Hit Parade is the "Bob the Builder" theme. For a rocked out version, see this. The Hallelujah Chorus is still #2, and Old MacDonald has come up to be #3. In other musical news, Dad has given up trying to read me a story at night. Instead he performs Operettas and I ask "again" after every song. It makes Dad feel good that I ask to hear him sing again and again. I love it when he sings the girl parts falsetto and then drops down to the bass-ment to be the Pirates of Penzance.

Dad also started a new fun game with me. We count together! He'll start and then I realize that he's counting and say the numbers after him. As we get higher, I get excited and say the numbers before him. I really like ten. Ten is great. Ten means something fun happens. It's like three, but better. I also ask for ONE spoon of food this week instead of TWO! One! Two! Two! Won-ah!


Emilee said...

yummy play dough. Have you tried to see if he will eat cookie dough?

Grandma Jule said...

THIS play dough *IS* cookie dough! A really simple butter/sugar/flour cookie that tastes great, whether you cook it or not! Check out your Betty Crocker cookbook for "Pettycoat Tails!"