Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh, the Games Wii play

No, I have never played a Wii. Derrill only has at MEnrichment with our branch. So...... why would Wii care what games people play?

Jealousy, mostly. Our brother Steve and his beauuuuutiful wiife have recently invested in a Wii for health purposes. You may understand this if you have heard of the Wii Fit which allows them to exercise in the 'privacy' of their own home entertainment system. Wii have listened with wrapped attention to their stories of how they are enjoying their Wii Fitness and (since they bought it used) their adventures in Wii babysitting or in other words getting all the parts to work.

So there I was at Target, today, minding my own business, getting toilet paper and other necessities. And as my husband often does at Target, I thought I would just see how much the Wii system costs, when it is available for purchase. When Derrill is interested in a game he checks on the game's descending price while we are at the store. Derrill calls it going on a pilgrimage or paying homage.

I had receive the impression that a Wii is very hard to find. There are websites dedicated to how to find a Wii. I found one that made me laugh out loud about how you need to get to know the store manager and be a stocker of the shipments of Wii. I was perfectly prepared by the fact that once we decided to get the Wii it would take some real work to find one.

When we found out that Steve and Emilee have a Wii and how much fun they were having with it, I stared thinking about how it could be nice to have a fitness center (of sorts) in our home that doesn't take up much space as space is a premium in our home. Additionally it is difficult to exercise outside in extreme heat and freezing snow. The expense for the Wii and Wii fit didn't seem much more than a gym membership would be. Really I think that if a person is doing some excersize all the time it is better than a lot of exersize once in a while.

Derrill and I actually had some conversations about whether there was a joint interest for the gamebox, where the money would come from if we did get. We even watched a few videos online of people using the Wii Fit. We had determined that we would probably get the Wii, but would wait until after Thanksgiving (when we could try our Steve and Emilee's Wii) and after Christmas (because there is such a shortage of them at Christmas). Really Derrill and I usually think about large purchases for a long time. We had decided that it would be a great thing to do with some fun money that Derrill had been saving since before we even got married. And also the Wii can play my favorite game Harvest Moon so it is not only games of shooting.

So after we had calmly and detachedly discussed the Wii, I asked at Target if they had a Wii.
The guy said that they did have one Wii and that it had arrived today. Well I found that kind of interesting (it was $250) and continued getting the items that I came to the store to buy.

I had called Derrill to ask what size of white board would be best (they had two sizes), and casually mentioned that Target had a Wii instock. I asked, kindof just teasing, "So do you think that we should get it?" As we were discussing it, I realize how amazing it was that there actually one in the store. (the store guy told me that their shipments usually come in on Sunday and there are usually about 25 people in line to get them-he doesn't even know how they find out they are getting a shipment since they are not planned ahead of time.)

I walked back to the games to tell Derrill about some of the games that were available. When I got back there, a lady said, "oh, they have a Wii...... I could get a Wii or I could get my brakes fixed. I never have money when there is one that I could buy." I thought that was hilarious. So we decided to get it

Above is our Wii sitting as a trophy on our TV. We will not open it until Derrill finishes his third paper for his dissertation, so that is can be a motivator for him. We expect to have a lot of family fun with it, we seem to do alot of our vacationing at home anyway. So I will begin as I started. I have still not played a Wii.

Take care everyone, I will hopefully write a blog about Hyrum soon. It sounds like he is up from his nap.

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Shari said...

How fun! You'll have to let me know how you guys like it.