Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hyrum vs. Sleep

Every parent likes watching the baby sleep most of all. I always figured I understood why. ...

Now I know I do.

The late-night Grandma Cam caught these sleepy smiles

Hyrum has never minded sharing his bed with others.

This was an early attempt at thumb sucking when he was a newborn. He chews on his thumb more than he sucks it, and it doesn't provide him much comfort, but he keeps on trying.

I already showed you pictures of Hyrum trying to convince me he isn't tired. Well, he blows bubbles sometimes in his sleep, and the milk crusts on his lips. So when I wake him up for a midnight feeding, this is the set of luscious lips that greet me.

"I would like thank yous for performing this small soivice for me. It shows the proper respect."
-- The GodBaby II: Baby Vito's Revenge
[PS - That shot was actually taken EARLY ON in the chunk-up. An exceptionally ... flattering shot]

Hyrum can fall asleep pretty much anywhere...

The couch is a great place for a nap.

Unless you'd prefer a blanket on the floor....

Here he is, drunk as usual.

Okay, Sandman, come and get me!

The one place we COULDN'T get him to sleep was in his CRIB! By far his favorite place to sleep has been his bouncer. So most nights we stuck his bouncer in the crib so he'd at least get used to the idea.

But then tragedy struck a week or two ago. He has grown so top heavy that he can now tip over in the bouncer and is unable to right himself.

This is freaky. Something had to be done.

Thanks to a gift from Grandma Jule, the Sleep Sheep (it makes various white noise sounds, including his possible favorite: whale songs), we can get him to sleep in his crib.

In fact, the doctor told us we need to be more proactive in making sure he takes his baby naps. So now we insist. He gets 2-3 naps a day, and still sleeps through the night. It's beautiful.

And here he is tonight, not ten minutes ago (with a really good flash):


Shari said...

Aren't sleeping babies beautiful? Not only because they look so peaceful, but there's something more that I can't quite put my finger on. Even though Jon and I enjoy our break from the kids in the evenings, we also find that we miss them. I love to go into my children's rooms, sit on the floor, and just watch them sleep. Sometimes watching them makes me cry. Children are such a blessing!

Grandma Jule said...

Nice to know Hyrum takes after his Grandmother! (Well, actually, more after his GREAT grandfather. It was my dad who had the ability to fall asleep anywhere!)

Now you just need to teach him my gift for sleeping long periods at a time!