Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Tricks

Hyrum has been working on some clever new tricks to share.

Clever trick #1: Look, Ma, no pants!

Hy kicked off his pants in under a minute the other week. Then he was off like a flasher ... er, flash.

Clever trick #2: Incredible cuteness

"Daddy says if things get desperate, he'll pull me out during his dissertation defense and have me ask his committee to just go ahead and sign the papers. Pretty, pretty please?"
Who can say no to that adorable face?

Clever trick #3: Plays Lead Machine Gun for Franky the Python's Musical Mob

Doom players, beware! My son is armed and uncoordinated.

Clever trick #4: Multiple personalities

Adorable fuzzball to wailing banshee and back again faster than you can say, "It's nap time for you, bud."

Clever trick #5: Fighting hunger

Hyrum, independent spirit that he is, really wants to control his own bottle. The only problem is, he is more successful at pushing it away than pulling it in. The exception is when he grabs our fingers instead of the bottle, and then he has Great control pulling it in.

Clever trick #6: The one that impressed the doctor

Hyrum can roll over. He can roll from his back to his tummy and then around to his back again. And since he ends up on his forearms, he can do it while looking adooooorable! (Yes, I like that word. I think it describes him very well.)

Doctor quote: "You know a baby is teething because they are cranky, chew on things, and drool a lot. You know a baby is 4 months old because they are cranky, chew on things, and drool a lot. ... It's really very difficult to tell sometimes."

Clever trick #7: Astronaut in training

Joy explains to Claudia some of Hyrum's favorite activities, one of which is demonstrated.

(The others are performed by Daddy ... without a net. Actually, I asked the doctor and he said it was okay.)

Clever trick #8: GQ baby

In addition to being adorable and a fuzzball, he sure knows how to strike a pose.

"This summer's Church outfit for the baby-on-the-go is a stylish vest and shorts combo, with the buttons in back for inconvenient good looks. And since he can't crawl yet and only drinks Momma's milk, it stays white!"

Clever trick #9: Backstroke

Hyrum likes to kick more than moving his arms, but he can also coordinate all of them together pretty well. Of course, given that the bathtub isn't his best friend yet, maybe he's trying to fly.


That's the end.

You were expecting 10 tricks? Three videos and all the rest isn't enough?

Oh, alright. One more. But just because you're our friends.

Clever trick #10: Music Lover

Hyrum was munching away on his breakfast when my computer starting playing Bach's Fugue in g minor ("The Little"). I hummed along. That was when I noticed Hyrum wasn't eating anymore. He was alternating between staring at me and at the computer, enthralled by the glorious strains.

Here he is being enthralled by Fatima's voice.

The surest way to make him look at you and giggle is to sing in a slow andante tempo.

What can I say? He came to the right home.


Shari said...

I love the pictures of him on his belly. I definitely want to see him in his Sunday outfit sometime soon!

Grandma Jule said...

You know, truth is truth, and you just can't argue with truth.

Hyrum IS the cutest baby ever . . . at least, in the last 30 years.

And, of *course,* I'm not the LEAST BIT prejudiced . . . .!!!

I'm *SURE* you're plan of whipping him out during your thesis defense is a good one. In fact, if you bring him out early in the game, you won't have to prepare anything at all! He'll cast his "Cuteness" Spell over the assembled Profs, they won't be able to think about anything but how adorable he is, and it won't matter what you say . . . Anyone who could produce such a FINE, INTELLIGENT, ADORABLE baby is OBVIOUSLY doctor material!!!!

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