Sunday, July 6, 2008

Freshman for President by Ally Condie (Joy)

I got about half way through the book and then had a hard time putting it down. The book has a way of making you think about the the things that are import to you in life that may not be important to other people. Milo, the primary character in the book lives an average type life as a teenager and decides to run for president. I think that I had a difficult time getting into the book at first, because the author doesn't put Milo forth as any exstra ordinary person. But in the end that was what was most important to me. The point is that normal people can make a difference in life. Milo did make a difference to many people in his school and friends. He was even ridiculed by others and at times confused about the importance of what he was doing, but so are we all at times. He pushes through and keeps working on what is important to him and learns so much more about who he is and why what he is doing is important to him.

It is not a coming of age story like you would think of when a child becomes a woman or a man, but there is self discovery for him and others. There is also humility and compassion. I feel that it was a good book, not in it's novalty, but because it reminds us that each of us normal people are special and have something to say and do in this life that is important.

Yes, and unlike my husband I think that it is very appropriate to have a platform that is flexible based on what the people want, I think that is how a politician should be, want to represent the people, and they can't do that by only having their own opinion.

Thanks Ally for letting us participate in the online book reviews, it was very insightful.

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Ally said...

You two are wonderful. Thank you both for your thoughtful and honest reviews, and for taking the time to read the book when you have a new baby on your hands!