Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gamma n Pop

Pop is speaking in Boston this week, but he and Grandma Jule raced over here to spend a few precious hours with their grandson. Oh, are the kids there too? Well, we'll have fun them, we guess ;) . We had a great time together.

Pop, formerly known as Dad, is really proud of his adorable progeny.

At one point, I set Hyrum on the couch between Grandma Jule and Pop and told him he could fall whichever way he wanted. Pop was touched that he fell to the right.

Grandma Jule decided to introduce Hyrum to cats. He watched us playing with the toy kitty for a while, then started petting her himself! It was really sweet.

Grandma Jule - who prefers to remain faceless - can be very happy: Hyrum remembered her. He perked right up when he saw her and didn't take any time at all being friends with her.

"Thanks for come to visit, Gamma n' Pop!"

We got us a Cute baby.

1 comment:

Grandma Jule said...

No, I don't! (I'd prefere to remain BODILESS, but that's unlikely to happen when your body is the backdrop for the pic of the cute kid!)

The point of the pic with Hyrum cuddling on my arm was the cute baby!! but, I *did* think I'd have a face in the shot with the kitty . . .