Wednesday, July 2, 2008


(A post for my brother)

When we were dating, Joy and I took some silly personality tests for fun. What kind of dog are you? What Disney/Sesame Street character are you? Our favorite, and likely most accurate, was to find out What Superpower do you have?

I came up with Super Speed. My desire for efficiency, for getting things done quickly (mostly so I can go on to more fun things), and innate sense of time did me in. Joy had to agree that of the two of us, I am by far the faster at just about everything. That doesn't mean that quality doesn't suffer on occasion (or frequently), but I can whip through a project when I want to. I think it all stemmed from when I was bitten by that radioactive ... road runner while on vacation in Arizona.

Joy has X-ray Vision! Her detail and process-oriented nature, and more especially her understanding of people and perspectives give her insights that seem quite extraordinary to me. That Masters in Counseling she got was mostly a ruse so that people wouldn't suspect her of ... being a mutant? And of course, so that she could learn how to use her powers for good.

Who knows what superpowers Hyrum will evidence? He already has Super Cuteness. Given how hungry he is today, Joy suggests he may be ready for the Gallon Challenge. Super Stomach?

My Babysense* is tingling. There must be milk nearby! I must drink it ... or die!

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