Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Baby says hi

Hi there. Dad is too tired to come up with anything funny for me today, so I'll just share some of my recent pictures and call it good, k?

This is me and my favorite toy. I play with all the animals on the farm in order. Right now, I'm most interested in making the chickens dizzy and in eating the pig behind the barn.

Boy, it's a good thing I'm posting these pics. If Dad looked at them closely, he'd probably start another Adventures of the Evil Overlord post....

And this is me and my favorite toy: Mommy!

I sure do like bouncing.

And this is me playing with my favorite toy: the camera! Dad and I had a top secret photo shoot the other day. He said I broke all the records for cuteness, but I can't show you the pictures yet until he's done getting rid of the red eye. But since he's so tired, he might not notice if I let just one of them slip through.... Here's a sneak preview then of a blog post to come.

Momma sure is pretty. We started trying to make something called a "schedule" this weekend. That's so Mommy can predict when I'm going to cry so she can head me off at the pass. But sometimes I trick her by only eating half a meal and then getting hungry for the other half half an hour later. For the family who are interested, the rough outline emerging looks like this:

4am - possible wake up, eat with Mom, back to sleep
6-6:30 - definitely wake up, eat
7:30 - eat some more while Daddy reads me scriptures and Mommy gets some more sleep
8:00 back to sleep in the big bed so Dad can work in my room
9:30 and 10:30 eat
11/12 another nap happens somewhere around here, also in the big bed
1:30 munch
2:30 hungry mungry
3:00 scream for 45 minutes because I don't WANT a third nap
3:45 Well, okay, I guess I need that nap after all ... zzzzzz
6:00 eat - Daddy comes home ... from my room.
7:00 eat - Daddy plays with me and Mommy. Hooray!
8:00 see if I can con one more snack out of them before bed

We'll see if Mom lets me stay on it, though. She may have other ideas. Dad says he needs the computer now for work. Bye!

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Grandma Jule said...

Thanks, Hyrum!!! Looks like you're having a GREAT time!!!

Can't WAIT to see the pics from your Secret Photo Shoot!