Saturday, August 9, 2008

Several short posts - 1: Softball

The Stormin' Mormons won the softball championship a week and a half ago. Joy and I haven't been able to be there for most of the games, but we were there for the first ones. ... the ones we lost. I really really hope there isn't a connection.

Joy got a number of hits and scored a run in the 3 games we played. I got an RBI and several hits and did some good in the outfield backing up our center fielder. Mostly, we kept the team alive because those three weeks we didn't actually have 9 people to play. We had 7 or 8, and that was AFTER ringing in one or two more who were just standing around.

Then our team captain came back to town and got the GOOD players back just as our lives got more hectic. They won the championship game 28-6. So we didn't get the glory, but we got t-shirts. Pictures of us in matching t-shirt and caps may be forthcoming. Here are the guys with the right stuff:
Here is the team: top row from left to right: Cy Brigham Young Award Winner Adam Lindsay, Jonathan Jones, Cameron Rognan, Nate and Grace Fredrick, Matt Sweeney, Mark Slavens, Josh Price with McKay
Bottom row: Mike Langenberg, Natalie Fredrick and Jeff Larrimore.
Other key players that were not there for the championship game are Darrell and Amy Sonntag, Hiram and Laura Conley, and yours truly.

Hat tip to Josh Price for photo and names of key players.

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