Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big New Trick

Hyrum has been working on a big new trick. It's not quite perfected yet, but he's excited to show everyone what he can do.

As you've seen in other posts, he's been getting better at lifting his body with his two arms.

Last week he took an important "step" up in the process by getting up on to a knee as well.

He's also been working on sitting up, and sat up on his own power briefly! ... but he often falls down again very quickly:

Well, yesterday as we were getting ready for the LDSSA Opening Social, some important videos were taken:

By George, I think he's got it! Now, you missed the first crawl that Joy and I are talking about, but he gives a second, very quick crawl while we're talking about it so that he can grab the bookmark. So that's what you're watching for. It's not a very long crawl. He crawls a bit better than that, but that's what a fellow can get on camera.

Not very far, and not very fast yet, but he has much more confidence and less frustration crossing the floor than before. Today he crawled across the carpet two or three times, untieing Mom's shoe in the process.


Shelly said...

Uh, all begins now. There's no stopping it. He's well on his way to toddlerhood. My little Trent who is not even 8 months old yet it already pulling up to stand on anything he can manage. AAAAHHHH!!! I was hoping that since I FINALLY got a crawler that he'd crawl for a while before walking. HA!!! Serves me right for thinking, huh.

Shari said...

Hurray for Hyrum! Crawling is always one of my favorite stages. It's just so endearing.