Saturday, August 9, 2008

Several short posts 2: Mr. Mom

Joy is off in Utica today attending a training session on making use of the Church's new internet-based family history system. That means I got Hyrum all day today! As the time of her return draws ever happily nigher, (wow, that's an actual word!) I just want to say that I have enjoyed being Mom today. Whether Hyrum has or not is hard to tell.
After all, the great thing about Dad is that he shows up ready to play, or at least go for a long walk. I hoped Hyrum could stand me as the only face he got to look at all day. I'm ... not quite as responsive as my lovely and gracious companion, and I make him wait if I'm in the middle of something.

That, and I decided last night that my to-do list was impossibly long. Given that half the things on there couldn't be accomplished in one day anyway (like, continued editing my dissertation and get Per's book published and the like), it was a bit daunting. I talked it over with Joy in the morning, we set some priorities, ... and I got ALL my minimum goals in! Hooray!

Hyrum was much easier than usual, I recognize that. When I was putting the second load of laundry in, I set him on our bed for a minute (surrounded by things that would keep him from rolling off). I came back in for the rest of the clothes and he was cranky, so I handed him his bink. I came back when it was done, and his eyes were so droopy he didn't even react when I came in. ... Let sleeping babies lie, I says to myself. This was the first time he took his afternoon nap without a fuss!
I managed to mow, organize some of our shed, edit some more of my dissertation, write (so far) three blogs, unpack the teensiest bit of my office, do two loads of laundry, cook, help Josh move (Joy had Hyrum then), get him ready for Sunday, and I even found a little time to play. What a wonderful day! That feels so much more fulfilling than "Dear Diary: I spent eight hours writing two pages of my dissertation. What is the meaning of life?"

(PS - For those of you looking for a "Boy, I've sure come to appreciate my wife today," statement: 1) I always appreciate my darling spouse. One of the advantages of being home is hearing what she goes through and being thankful. 2) I may be able to work for 30-60 minutes while still watching over him, but I realized today that it would not be possible to get my schoolwork done and watch Hy full time. Thank you, Joy.)

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