Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who are You Today?

Hi there. Hy here.

This month I've been discovering the wonderful world of Make Believe. In Make Believe Land I can be anyone I want, and Mommy and Daddy will always play along with me. It's enormously fun. Daddy's mentioned some of the fun I've had being Pinnochio, Mario, and Bob the Builder.

This week I took it to a whole new level: I've been someone else every day!

Tuesday I was Gerald the Elephant. I went to bed climbing into my elephant skin. This one is my favorite and Daddy likes this one. Mommy is Piggie.
Wednesday night I announced I was Johnny Appleseed and climbed into my tree.
Thursday night I told Mom I was Bartholomew Cubbins as she let me climb into my castle. She is the king. I have a hard time remembering Bartholomew's name, so I ask Mom and Dad "What's the word?" and they know I mean Bartholomew. It took them a while to pick up on my hint.
Friday night I was Bob the Builder again. (Bob climbs into Rolly.)
Saturday night and right now I'm Pinnochio again. (Pinnochio is swallowed by Monstro, but Daddy promises to come back in the morning and help me light a fire so the whale will sneeze me out again.)

The links are just so you know what I'm talking about if you need a hint. I don't get sales commissions or anything. Not that I think I've ever committed a sale. Are there sales of omission?

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