Monday, January 31, 2011

Who is this boy?

When he came home from school, he announced to me that he is Handy Smurf. Mommy is Papa Smurf. After deliberation, I was dubbed Brainy.

When he woke up, he was Mario.

When he went to bed, he was his own grandfather ("I'm Pop"), while we were Matt and Mandy.

Over the weekend, he was his teacher and Mommy was one of her assistants.

Except when he decided it would be more interesting to be Captain Von Trapp to Mommy's Maria.

Sunday I taught him that if his name started with a C, he would be Chyrum. He thought that was funny. So then I added that if his name started with a T, he would be Thyrum. That wasn't as funny. For a few minutes, he was content to be just Hyrum.

The hard part is he keeps asking us literally every other sentence what our names are and he isn't even satisfied when we give him the right answer. Couple that with the three-year-old's tendancy to say No a lot. This got old last night, so I started being just as impossible:

"What's your name?"
"No it's not!"
I'm not?
"No. You're not."
Okay, so my name is Not.
"No it's not!"
Yes, my name is Not.
"No, Daddy, it's ... your name is ..."
You are Hyrum. I am Derrill. She is Joy. You are Son. I am Daddy. She is Mommy.
"No no no no no! I'm Pop. You're Matt, Daddy. Mommy is Mandy."
Okay, so I'm the Matt-Daddy
"No. You're just Matt."
Okay, so I'm Justmatt.
"Yes. What's your name?"
My name is Justmatt.
"No. It's not."
Oh, so my name is Not.

It's really fun to see the gears whirring in his head as he tries to figure out how to deal with Who's on First thinking. I also realize I'm setting myself up for just the exact same behavior a few months or years from now, but I also think I would be in for it anyway given Joy's and my humor. Besides, I'm just thrilled to be having a conversation with the lad and this is one of the longest and most sensical we've managed.

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