Saturday, January 15, 2011

Coming Home From Denver

Sunday after my job market conference in Denver I took a very delayed flight to Detroit, raced to the next plane to Ithaca which I miraculously caught, and was soon waiting at the airport at midnight for Joy and Hy to come pick me up. It was a good conference. I was looking forward to being home.

Joy had reported that Hy was having a difficult time during the days I was gone - crabby, less patient, just a bit wild, "tantrumy all over the place." She figured he was missing me. She woke him up, got him in the car, saque and all, and drove to the airport.

When Hyrum saw me, it was a lot of fun to watch his face. His bleary eyes searched the area and lighted on me. They widened in shock and his mouth started twitching as it broke out into a brilliant, wide-mouthed smile. The happiness and excitement radiant beamed from his eager face. Oh what a happy boy!

I opened the car door to give him a hug. "Hi, Luigi!" he said.  [This is what I was talking about in my other post.]

Ah, my boy. It's good to be home.

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