Sunday, January 23, 2011

Interview with a toddler: The Cheese Game

Following is an experiment at letting Hyrum blog. Hyrum chose some pictures, captioned them, and then we had the following conversation. Continue at peril of your logic. FYI - our camera is currently busted, so no new pictures for a while. :(

What do you want to talk about, Hyrum?

"I want to calm down so I won't get this. ... You're typing! Ooh, wow."

I'm typing what you are saying, Hyrum.

J: We could talk about school or we could talk about a game or a toy.

I like to play in the balls. I want to get off your lap.

What game?

"I like to do 2."

J: Two games?

"Cause you can shake one and then do one. Mouse game and then cheese game. Cause it's 2, then 3. A 3. 3. 3 read a book and then you're all done."

J: How do you play the cheese and mouse game, Hyrum?

"avadbrvjk;asedbnvjk;awbgevfhawek;bv;akjdvh089we4jkl;vbashidgv7890awhe;kvjb asdlvhgaw8o07eg;kvabjs dvjhbaedygvpuiawbegvhkaw bevyigawpduibv;akwjefv"

I missed all of that. Can you say that again, Hyrum, slower?

"Um, says you can play a game, so I said 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8."

I want to leave the pictures and then come back right here. See?
J: Am I a cheese or a mouse?

"You're king. ... You're a cheese. You're a king right now, Mommy. You're cheese."

J: So you're a mouse. Are you looking for cheese? ... How do you win the game?

"By getting all the cheese."

J: Where do you find the cheese?

"In the black thing. Cause it was 5 look. Looky look. You put out and then come out and you eat your cheese. It goes to the cheese game. Go. Go!

J: I don't know how to play it, but he's talked to me about it before. One of his teachers says he does really well at it. I had talked to somebody at the classroom, and she thought they play Farmer in the Dell, but it sounded more organized to me....

In the car, he's tried explaining to other people also, but we still can't figure it out.  ... I think we'll have to try this again sometime when there's something he wants to talk about, like Mario, or in the morning instead of before dinner.... But it does give you a clear idea of one of the ways it's like having a conversation with Hyrum.

J: I have to applaud your typing. That was fast.

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