Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Happy Mommy Post

Sometimes Hyrum's just too much cuteness. I been kinda sick this week and trying to stay down. Friday morning we had decided that I was going to stay down all morning so Derrill was going to take care of Hyrum and get him off to school then come back and take care of himself. I would take care of Hyrum the rest of the day - Friday's he has a short school day.

Hyrum pretending to sleep on our bed over Christmas
It had snowed quite a bit that night and Hyrum had come to say hi to me. Derrill went outside to take care of the car and shovel snow. Then Hyrum climbed up on the couch with me - I was laying down. He said, "I want to sleep with you, Mommy."

He was supposed to be putting on his pajamas...
And he got under the covers and he closed his little eyes and snuggled up by me and didn't even try to make me wake up. And he'd open his eyes and smile and snuggle in and say "Sleep with Mommy." It was so adorable! We just sat there like that for a good 15 minutes, just both content. It was happy.

Then when he came home from school the first thing he wanted to talk to me about was how he remembered sleeping with Mommy "last night" and wanted to sleep with Mommy again. It was really sweet.  He didn't want to talk about school, he just wanted to talk about spending time with me.

Hyrum is not a cuddler by nature, so those cuddling times are about as sweet as you get.

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