Friday, August 27, 2010

A new taste

Hi there. Hy here with a great new drink you've just got to try. It's "yummy" by my own admission.

I had half a glass of apple juice (one part apple juice, 1-2 parts water) sitting on the table and asked Daddy, "May I have more chocolate milk, please?" He obliged and, unable to see what Mommy had previously poured into my cup, started pouring in milk. I decided to help him and tipped the milk jug a little further so the cup filled quickly with one half milk.

Daddy sat back satisfied that the cup was full of milk and that he hadn't spilled. He told me to drink up before he would put any chocolate in. Before Mommy could stop me, I began to drink.

Mommy explained to Daddy his mistake. He took it in stride, noticing how happily I was lapping up our concoction. In fact, I drank about half of it and asked for more. We call it "juice milk." It's just milk with a hint of apple really. Quite refreshing. Daddy tried it too. I'm not sure how well he liked it, but he didn't grimace and seemed understanding.

I finished the cup during dinner and asked specifically for "juice milk" before bed. Daddy obliged and I reassured him it was "yummy."

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