Sunday, August 1, 2010

ABC now and always - a Joy post

I think I may have mentioned this one too [with video!], but I am trying to do some catch up.

Hyrum really loves his ABCs and Numbers infact, I tend to call them his best friends. He even knows the ABCs and can sing the song by himself.  But it is still more amazing to us how fast he can sing them. He now can even sing them fast enough to sing them along with his Alpha Bug and he sometimes says the letters faster than the bug does. He used to skip letters when he sings fast, but now he doesn't. [Derrill thinks he does lose the letter O occasionally as he races through LMNP.] Well, a true race I think he does, but when he sings along with the Alphabug, I don't think he does.

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Grandma Jule said...

Do I know the Alphabug? SOmehow, I can't get an image to come to mind just now . . .