Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hyrum Knows the Drill

I have this hereditary thing that, when I don't sleep enough, I hurt all over. I was in a lot of pain today while we were having dinner and closed my eyes for a minute.

Hyrum saw me and said, "Daddy sleep. Daddy wake up!"

I explained that, no, Daddy was awake. Daddy just hurt. I listed everything that hurt: My head and my eyes, my throat, my neck, my shoulders, my back, my arms, my elbows, my hands but not my fingres (have to admit what doesn't hurt), my stomach and my legs and my knees and my feet and my ankles and my toes.

Hyrum said, "Daddy needs medicine. Daddy go to bathroom. Get medicine. Be happy."

Hyrum knows the drill. Better than I do.

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