Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hyrum learns French

The other day, I put on my jean beret. First time since Hy was born, probably. Hyrum was delighted at the new hat, so I decided to whip out my self-taught/high school French and greeted him with my most nasally, singsong bonsoir.

Bonsoir! Hyrum shouted back grinning.

I thought I ought to try out "good day" before "good night" and said bon jour. He copied me again, but then went back to bonsoir. He really likes it. He owns the word now.

Yesterday I told him that bonsoir means good night. He said, "Bonsoir. Good night." He's more excited about French than he has been about any of the Spanish or German words we've tried to teach him.

So I guess Mommy will speak Spanish, Daddy German, and Hyrum French. It would be nice if he mastered English first, though.

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